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Observatory and Planetarium České Budějovice

Observatory and planetarium České Budějovice is situated approximately 300 metres from the Premysl Otakar II. square in the park at the confluence of the river Vltava and Malse. The observatory in České Budějovice was opened in 1937 as the second oldest public observatory in Bohemia thanks to the South-bohemian Astronomical Society. The extension of planetarium and cinema hall was finished in 1971. Observatory and planetarium České Budějovice pursues in the field of astronomy and allied natural sciences:


Planetárium The feeling of starry night sky! Colorful universe and digital magic. The new 4k fulldome projection strongly improves the facilities of the original planetarium technology. It allows to show artificial sky with Sun, Moon and planets with their motion, stars and Milky Way, galaxies, nebulas and fulldome videos. Night sky in the planetarium is never cloudy!

Cinema hallCinema hall

Kinosál It serves for lectures and audio-visual programmes for general public, programmes for schools of all levels and interest groups, 70 seats video projection and projection of computer data, slide projectors, overhead projector, projection of 16 mm films


Kopule Instruments in the dome of observatory allow observation of the Sun as well as bodies of solar system and objects of distant universe on a night sky, diameter of the dome 5 metres.

  • Cassegrain type reflector, diameter of primary mirror 31 cm, secondary focus 400 cm, (including mounting made by Ing. Viktor Rolcik, Prague, approx. 1935)
  • refractor with diameter of objective lens 15 cm, at present with helioscope and polarization filter for direct observation of solar photosphere
  • refractor with diameter of objective lens 11 cm (both these refractors were made by company G.& S. Merz Muenchen, Germany, the end of last century)
  • photographic camera Trioplan 1:4,5/360 mm, made by Meyer Goerlitz, Germany

3D view

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